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Take Your Business Global With ANNEXA’s Borderless Currency Account

Our borderless accounts with local bank details are designed to simplify and streamline how your business operates internationally, enabling you to accept international payments as if they were local payments.

Online Sellers and Businesses can use ANNEXA’s multi-currency accounts

Online sellers and businesses can use ANNEXA’s multi-currency accounts alongside our conversion and payment capabilities to launch into new markets, empowering you to take advantage of the global opportunities of the digital world economy.

Save Money With Great Rates

Make it easier for your customers and clients to get paid with local currency accounts.

Borderless Currency Account

Issued in your business name with unique IBAN/account numbers.

Collect Internationally

Give your clients and suppliers the option to pay you in over 30 currencies!

Safe And Secure

Funds are held in client segregated accounts and backed by the latest security technologies.

Global Reach

Hold account details in the UK, EU, Canada, US and Hong Kong without a local presence.

Complete Control

Gain access to your money 24/7 through our web portal, putting you at the heart of your international money management.

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